The Arts are vital to our community. 

Arts organizations are being hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis as bans on mass gatherings are implemented. The arts, by their very nature, bring people together for shared experiences, for inspiration, for provocation, for laughter. All things that are necessary in a crisis like this. Our theaters, concert halls and museums being closed is a stark reminder of the reality we’re facing. It also presents a potentially devastating challenge for our arts organizations. 

The arts depend on two primary revenue sources. Earned income from operations like ticket sales, tours and school contracts represents about 50-60% of most budgets and the losses incurred from this crisis will likely not be recovered. Contributions from people like you and me make up the other half, with the ArtsWave Campaign comprising a substantial amount. This makes your support of ArtsWave more important than ever as we help over 100 local organizations make up for the half of their budgets that are in jeopardy.  

When this crisis passes, and theaters, concert halls and galleries are filled, when neighborhood festivals celebrate and when our schools reopen, your gift will have ensured the arts continue to have a strong foundation in our community.  

Please consider making a gift to the ArtsWave campaign today.